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Never snowboard the same again

No more annoying hanging boards on chairlifts rides!

The Problem

Is your knee uncomfortable from your hanging board?

-- or --

Is your foot going numb during chairlift rides?

The Magical chairlift ride

The solution
Ride Easy Hook:
A device that takes the weight of your board off your leg during the chairlift ride!

Light Weight

At 250g, you'll forget it's there

Combination Lock

Easy access to your lock cause the REH is always on your binding.

Safe and easy to use

Just lift your foot or push the hook and it will come off the safety bar

How it works

The device is securely attached to your binding all the time! 

When you're on the chairlift,

simply pull the retractable hook from the device ...  

... and hook it onto the safety bar.

Rigid Construction

Hook able to withstand 100lbs.

Tough Material

Durable and weather resistant.

The result is a chairlift ride where you will forget that you have a hanging board on your leg and can chill comfortably going up the mountain!
wait... There's more

Not only can you use it as a hook

You can also use it as a lock for you board!!

Limited first batch

We're making a limited production run for our first batch.  

Be the first in the World to REALLY CHILL on the chairlift! 

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